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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make sure the lead is applied properly?

    Make sure that the glass is clean, cleaning it with Decra Clean. If you can’t get hold of Decra Clean, try cleaning with isopropanol diluted in water. (Don’t use commercial window cleaning products as these usually leave a film on the glass which makes the surface shine. This impairs adhesion.) Once the lead is in place, apply pressure using the boning peg to make sure the lead adheres strongly to the glass.

  • Can you apply lead, film and bevels to the outside of the glass, so that they are exposed to the rain?

    You can apply lead to the inside and the outside of the glass, as the adhesive on the lead is unaffected by rain and ultra violet rays from the sun. Decra Bevels can also be applied on the outside face. The film should always be applied to the inside face of the glass.

  • I live in a very hot country. Can I still use your products on my windows?

    Our products, if applied properly, are unaffected by extremes of temperature. They can withstand extreme heat and cold, and are not affected by rain.

  • How long will the products stay stuck to my window or door?

    If applied according to our application instructions, the decorative glass will last for years and years. (In the U.K., our customers who manufacture double glazed units give a 10 year guarantee on their windows and doors which feature our products.)

  • Will the lead I apply stay shining silver?

    Lead will oxidise if exposed to air, and eventually will dull down to a gun metal grey finish. To prevent oxidation, you could buy some of our coated leads in different colours: Antique, Gold, Brass, Platinum etc.

  • When I apply bevels to glass with a U.V. adhesive, how strong is the bond? Can I remove them?

    The bond is stronger than the glass. The bevels cannot be removed without breaking the glass.

  • I don’t have a U.V. lamp. How do I apply bevels?

    We also sell bevel adhesives which cure with white light (normal light from a normal light bulb.) The more powerful the bulb you use, the quicker the adhesive will cure.

  • Can I apply lead, film and bevels to textured or patterned glass?

    We do not recommend applying our products to textured or patterned glass.

  • What is the difference between opaque films and transparent films?

    Opaque films allow light to pass through, but, if you looked at your hand through an opaque film, you would only see a shadow, not any details of your hand. With a transparent film, light passes through, but you can also see the details of what is on the other side of the film. If it was your hand, you would see your knuckles and your nails, for example.

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