Welcome to the wonderful world of Decra Led® Window Lead products

We are North Western Lead Company (Hyde) Ltd., a manufacturer of self adhesive strip lead and self adhesive window film, based in Hyde, near Manchester, England.

Our brand names, Decra Led®, Decra Glow® and Decra Bevels® are famous all over the world. Our products, when used together, create decorative glass which has a truly authentic effect, and are used on windows and doors across the world; in rainy climates, in exceptionally cold climates and in countries where extreme heat is the norm. Our products conform to the European and U.S.A standards for insulated glass units.

For over 50 years, Decra Led® self adhesive lead products have been chosen to beautify homes, commercial, and public buildings throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Decra Led ®, provides a world of products that brings windows, doors and conservatories to life. Why? Because when you make a decorative panel with Decra Led® products, you achieve a truly authentic stained glass effect at a fraction of the time and the cost normally taken to produce traditional stained glass.

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